CommandFusion – Solo

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CommandFusion Solo

  • 6x IR (1-way 232)
  • 4x Dry contacts
  • 2x Serial Ports
  • 1x Ethernet
  • 1x IR Blaster
  • Power from 9-30V DC


Solo: IP-Enabled Modular Control System

One device, unlimited possibilities.

Add a Solo to your network via Ethernet to create an integrated automation system for your devices

TVs, Bluray players, projectors, airconditioners, thermostats, security systems, lighting systems. Control your devices and let them talk to each other to automate your environment.

Featuring powerful scheduling and rules engines, the Solo lets you not only control your devices, but automate them to behave like an integrated network of intelligent devices.


Open Protocols.

Integration made easy.

Great documentation for all functionality means developers can easily integrate the Solo into any control and automation platform.
Software developers can make the Solo their endpoint to the physical world, taking advantage of all the on-board connectivity options and modular expansion to tailor the device to their needs.


On-board Intelligence

without reliance on remote systems.

The Solo features on-board expandable memory, used to store your automation rules and schedules. This means you are not reliant on any remote cloud server for your automation system to function.

You can, of course, still integrate the Solo with cloud services, but unlike many other “smart” devices, the Solo itself is smart enough to handle it all on it’s own.


Expansion Cards.

Add more functionality via plugin cards.

Need more connectivity? You don’t need to buy a whole new box – just plug in a card (sold separately).

The following cards are under development and almost ready for production: Relays (3 x 30VDC 1A), CFLink (interface with our pro hardware range), COM4 (same features as MOD-COM4), DALI (Lighting control), IO (voltage, resistance, etc).

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0.8 kg

CommandFusion – Solo

CommandFusion – Solo