Meridian DSP8000

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  • 3 1/2 way active speaker
  • 6 x 8“ Woofers
  • 1 x 6“ Midrange
  • 1 x 1“ Tweeter
  • > 118 dB
  • 20Hz – 20kHz



The Special Edition DSP8000 is the largest and most powerful of the Meridian Reference Loudspeaker series. It is the ultimate expression of Meridian’s pioneering nature and rigorous, research-led philosophy. Built by hand in the UK, Meridian has designed and engineered the DSP8000SE to deliver maximum resonance control. The cabinet comprises of two discrete enclosures with a dedicated bass section and a separate head-assembly for the midrange and high-frequency drive-units. The two enclosures are decoupled from each other by custom spikes and cups. The custom-designed midrange unit and three pairs of horizontally opposed bass-drivers feature anodised aluminium clamp rings to minimise resonance.

Sound Purity

Meridian’s zero-compromise approach maximises the capabilities of the loudspeaker’s wideband electronics and its beryllium tweeter, guaranteeing an authentic, lifelike and natural sound. The seismic bass, effortless midrange and high-frequency extension means your music and movies will be brought to life in any room size up to 100m2.

The additional DSP device, used by the Special Edition loudspeakers, doubles the available processing power allowing all audio, including MQA Core streams, to be rendered at 176.4/192kHz regardless of the incoming sampling rate. This increases the resolution, detail and clarity of the sound you hear to deliver a sublime listening experience.


> 118 dB

Outstanding performance. Five powerful wide range 150W amplifiers deliver a maximum output level of 120dB at 1m.


Light weight, dual voice coil, Beryllium tweeter for refined high frequency performance (up to 32kHz).

Clamp rings

Clamp rings ensure that the bass and midrange drivers are isolated from the cabinet, giving the most controlled and detailed sound possible.

All your content and connected devices in one place

New extended-bandwidth analogue electronics, optimised to deliver maximum performance from high-resolution recordings.

Additional information

Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 135 × 40 × 52 cm


Audio Inputs

Meridian Speakerlink (RJ45) & S/PDIF digital input

Audio Outputs

1x RJ45 with balanced digital audio and control for 2nd loudspeaker. Carries infra-red pickup for system automation


Noise less than 15dB spl., Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level Frequency response In room within 3dB: 20Hz – over 32kHz, Peak SPL: 120dB at 1m


5 x 150w (750w)

Bass Drivers

200mm x 6

Mid Drivers

160mm x 1

Beryllium Dome Twitter

1 x 25mm (1”) Meridian piston in short horn, beryllium dome with silver voice-coil.

DSP Specification

2 x 24-bit Multi-bit delta-sigma DACs with 128x oversampling Crossover minimum-phase at 2.6kHz, 2 x Freescale 56367 running at 150MHz, Bass protection, Response correction for the whole system user tone controls. Analogue/digital volume and phase control


Eight-character display with system lights, can be blanked



135 x 40 x 52,8 cm


105 kg, 140 kg


20VA standyby; 920VA max

Meridian DSP8000

Meridian DSP8000